On the mountains overlooking the stunning Jerusalem view, in the city’s popular suburban area, just minutes from the city center, Chish Nofei Israel is building Ramat Givat Zev, a luxurious 400 unit residential neighborhood.

The neighborhood will include about 130 private, single-family homes ranging from over 2,500 to almost 5,000 square feet, including a selection of exclusive villas designed by the foremost Israeli architects.

There is a choice of various layouts for the homes’ design, all perfectly planned to enhance family living. Every home will be built at top international standards and will meet the highest level of specifications with basements, private parking and an option for an in-ground pool.

Much has been invested to make Ramat Givat Zeev a “green neighborhood” with spacious parks full of thousands of trees, well-maintained gardens, playgrounds for children, wide roads, lighted walking paths, tennis and basketball courts, all to be built on the highest international standards.

Further plans for the neighborhood include spacious open plazas with large attractive fountains. A gentle stream with running rain water runs along the edge of the neighborhood. A short ride through Ramat Givat Zev’s tree-lined streets will provide a luxurious and peaceful feeling.






The character of the neighborhood attracts young observant families who are looking for a well-rounded, upscale lifestyle, and are comfortable socio-economically. Many professionals as well as Anglos from established orthodox communities planning aliyah have shown interest in the project.

The highlight of Ramat Givat Zeev is the special composition of its community. The many Americans making aliyah to Ramat Givat Zeev guarantee that the community’s unique character will be maintained.

There is good news regarding Ramat Givat Zeev’s educational facilities.  Excellent schools are planned for the neighborhood that will meet the population’s needs including the children of olim.

These schools will be staffed by educational professionals equipped to assist children of olim in their acclimation to the Israeli society and its high academic level. These institutions will provide an answer for the population interested in providing high quality education for their families.

In addition to the high level educational system, the neighborhood boasts shopping centers and a country club which will provide residents with great quality shopping, leisure and recreational activities.  Plans include a swimming pool, sports fields, tennis courts, workout rooms, huge parks and public fountains.


 Ramat Givat Zeev is located at the northern edge of the Jerusalem metropolitan area, minutes from the city center. The neighborhood’s calm suburban setting with enticing mountain views and close proximity to downtown Jerusalem provides for a perfect win-win combination.

6 miles – to the Ramot Mall

9 miles – to Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station

11 miles – to Zion Square, downtown Jerusalem

12 miles – to the Western Wall


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