Givat Zeev Hachadasha

In 2004, the Givat Zeev Hachadasha neighborhood was built at the northern edge of the greater Jerusalem area, within the Givat Zeev municipal district.

Over 600 families have already made their homes there and enjoy the great quality living, open space and a wonderful residential atmosphere which includes all the community services required by large orthodox families.

The Givat Zeev Hachadasha neighborhood features many duplex apartments in luxurious buildings constructed by the top craftsmen in Israel’s building industry and meeting the highest completion specification standards.

There is an entrance to Givat Zeev Hachadasha from Highway 443. It’s only 12 minutes travel time to Jerusalem’s city center.

The recently approved construction of hundreds of additional new apartments in the neighborhood will turn Givat Zeev Hachadasha into a high quality, vibrant orthodox city in its own right.




Givat Zeev Hachadasha residents enjoy an especially high standard of living in a well-planned community.

Among other conveniences, Givat Zeev Hachadasha has a shopping center with a large supermarket. The neighborhood boasts beautiful shuls, top educational institutions including schools, preschool programs and day care centers. There are several mikvahs and a swimming pool nearby.

Givat Zeev Hachadasha is a warm, upbeat community made up of a people from various backgrounds living together in harmony just like in many communities overseas.

There are also social activities organized for residents.

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