Givat Ze’ev’s VIP Tour

Last week, Israel’s Minister of Construction and Housing, Uri Ariel, took a comprehensive tour of the new and upcoming neighborhood in Givat Ze’ev located northward of Jerusalem. The tour was attended by senior members of the Ministry of Construction and Givat Ze’ev neighborhood’s entrepreneurs. Ariel was interested in the neighborhood and its residents, expressed his impression of the advanced progress, and promised to immediately improve the appearance of the neighborhood by allotting development budgets and launching 1,000 housing units to the market immediately. The minister said that he has worked hard to solve the shortage of existing housing in the chareidi community and sees the new neighborhood in Givat Ze’ev as an important element in solving the problem, by building reserves of hundreds of additional housing units and with an approved master plan beyond the hundreds of existing housing units.

In addition, the minister toured in Ramat Givat Ze’ev, a neighborhood designed especially for the Anglo-Saxon community which recently received the minister’s approval to build 400 housing units. The minister expressed his admiration of the building of Israel’s first neighborhood dedicated to the American community, which includes all the necessary communal institutions for the immigrant population. The tour was attended by neighborhood rabbis Dayan Rabbi Jacob Farbstein and Rabbi Joseph Goldstein, Mr. Yakkov Rubin (one of the project’s entrepreneurs), and Rabbi Eliyahu Paly (CEO of Mishpacha).

Nofei Israel’s entrepreneurs who led the tour praised Ariel on his assertiveness for helping alleviate the housing shortage, and for immediately upon election coming to visit the neighborhood in order to meet its needs and help in any way.

Minister Ariel said, “The chareidi public deals with the shortage in housing as well as the rest. Due to the sector’s special needs, they often suffer from it even more than the rest of the public. The new neighborhood in Givat Ze’ev is a proper and qualitative solution, and I will endeavor to help as much as possible to solve the problems presented to me.”

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