Ramat Givat Zeev Special Sales Event

Following the great demand among United States Orthodox residents, the Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood will hold a special sales event. Hish Nofei Israel, which held a number of successful sales events in the past, is bringing its flagship project—Ramat Givat Zeev—for a special two-day sales event in Monsey and the Five Towns and is launching the marketing of apartments in addition to the private homes.

Following the announcement of the building of Ziv Hatorah Yeshiva under Rabbi Shmuel Brazil’s leadership, a great interest has arisen.

Nofei Israel has built and marketed over 1,500 units. The company stands behind one of the biggest and most unique projects ever built for foreign residents. Ramat Givat Zeev is located north of Jerusalem and offers many exclusive advantages for the perfect integration in the residents’ new home while emphasizing the importance of building a homogeneous and warm community which includes a variety of educational institutions compatible with the residents’ mentality.

In Ramat Givat Zeev, you’ll be able to choose between a variety of private home models and luxury housing in exclusive apartment towers. The houses and apartments are being built with high international standards, high-end technical specifications, emphasizing environmental development and a variety of communal institutions, country club, decorative parks, and playgrounds.

Nofei Israel, known for its proven experience in building new neighborhoods, presents a rare opportunity for U.S. residents to fulfill their dream and make the perfect and smooth aliyah, where all the educational institutions they are accustomed to are already in the neighborhood. All this in a prestigious residential area, rural, and calm environment that is in proximity to all the leading Torah centers in Jerusalem.

The event will take place, iy’H, in two weeks in Monsey and the Five Towns and will include Nofei Israel’s best marketing team. In light of the high demand and expected load, in order to get the best service the company recommends scheduling your appointments in advance.

Beyond the company’s flagship project, Ramat Givat Zeev, additional projects will be presented at the event, including the “Sarei Israel” project, located next to the Romema neighborhood in Jerusalem, the luxury project “Jerusalem View” in Bayit Vegan, etc.

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